Greg Hembree grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and attended the University of Memphis where he received his BBA in Economics. In 1985, Greg graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law and later that year married his wife of 26 years, Renee.

Greg and Renee have three children. All of their children have been educated through the local North Myrtle Beach public school system. The Hembrees are members of Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church.

Although Greg worked in the private practice of law for a short time, he has worked in public service as a prosecutor for nearly 25 years. As a prosecutor, he spent his career fighting for justice, building safer communities, and solving problems. Greg has handled every type of criminal prosecution from a routine traffic ticket to death penalty murder.

In 1998, Greg defeated a popular Democratic incumbent to become the first Republican Solicitor (District Attorney) ever elected in the 15th Judicial Circuit. He has been re-elected three times since 1998. Greg and his staff have introduced numerous innovative and effective programs to the community geared toward building safer communities and changing lives for the better. For instance, under his direction, the following programs were implemented or begun:

      • Drug Court
      • Worthless Check Program
      • Case Management System (integrated throughout the state)
      • Circuit-wide Multi-jurisdiction Drug Enforcement Unit (the first one in the state)
      • Expanded Victim Advocacy Services
      • Established First Family Justice Center in South Carolina
      • Criminal Domestic Violence Court
The video below provides more detailed information about these important programs.

For 14 years, Greg has operated his office under budget every year. The 15th Judicial Circuit is recognized as a model prosecutor’s office throughout South Carolina.

Greg has served twice as President of the South Carolina Solicitor’s Association and is currently South Carolina’ s representative to the National District Attorneys’ Association. Greg is called on frequently to work with the General Assembly on legislation related to public safety and the justice system.

An Interview with Gregory J. Hembree  - ELON University School of Law

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